Hi. I'm Mary. I am passionate about teaching the importance of having a strong understanding of what you believe, why you believe it, and why it matters. I love teaching how to read Scripture with eyes for the big picture that God has been writing since the beginning of creation, and how all along His plan was to send a Savior to rescue us, to do what we could not do for ourselves.

I also love writing, adoption, foster care, learning, and telling our kids bedtime stories. We have two under two, so they rarely understand, but if the story is about an animal, they are certainly down to provide the sound effects. 

I serve as the Women's and Kids Book Strategist at B&H Publishing Group, helping get the word out about great resources that God can use to change the lives of women and kids everywhere, and am currently teaching a study called "Everyday Theology: What you believe and why it matters" at my church, Fairview Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. I've served as a children's minister and still teach the "New Christians Class" to kids who have recently decided to follow Jesus - and it is one of my favorite things and one of the top honors I have in life. 

My family and I live just outside of Nashville, and we love it (minus the traffic, but it is nice to have ALL THAT TIME to listen to podcasts). We treat Chick-fil-A as if it is an addition to our home, as the word "regular" doesn't seem to communicate how often we are truly there. We love flea markets, are one of the few remaining people who watch Survivor religiously, and unfortunately people who always seem to "donate" to the local gym.
We live fast, but we sure do have fun!

Statement of Faith
I believe that Scripture is absolutely inerrant; God is immeasurably kind; and trusting Jesus and the work He did on the cross is the only way to be made right with God. I love the church and all its flaws because Jesus has chosen the church to be His bride, and one day, Jesus will return to be with His church forever.