About Mary

Hi. I'm Mary. I love Jesus, my wonderful husband John, our two babies, foster care, writing, learning new things, art, my dog Berkley... and lots of other things. I tend to have way more interests than I have time, and I tend to be way more interested in new ideas and dreaming big than details... luckily, that's my husband's thing so we still pay our bills on time.

Recently, our lives have changed substantially. We jumped into fostering in early 2016, but with finding out we'd have a baby in April and moving to Lebanon, we held off on opening our home after approval. Early in November, we decided to reopen our home. On November 28th, we received a call that a baby had been born and he needed a family. Three days later, we picked up our beautiful son from the hospital. We are still waiting for the process to be complete, but we plan for his adoption to be final by the end of August. Recently, we welcomed our first biological child as well, leaving these two precious ones just 4.5 months apart. It's been crazy, but the Lord has been so good to us!