What Does God Say About Money? with Art Rainer

In Episode 043... 

Art Rainer joins us to talk about money, stewardship, what God says about it, and how to raise cheerful, generous givers.

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Art Rainer is the author of The Money Challenge and The Marriage Challenge. He is a Vice President at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has a Doctor of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. He and his wife and boys live in Wake Forest, NC. 

In this episode, Art Rainer joins us to talk about money, stewardship, and raising kids who are generous givers.

Did you know the Bible talks about money more than 2000 times, and Jesus talks about money more than any other subject? 

We all know that it can be the demise of a person when they love money, and but it also is necessary for us to survive. So how do we raise kids who are generous givers and who use money the way God intends that we do? 

Art Rainer discusses this and many instances in Scripture where money was the focus in today's episode. 

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