Why Did God Make Me Different?

For Episode 007...

Brian Dembowcyzk joins us to talk about why God has made people different in today's episode.

Brian's daughter, Hannah, was born with a limb difference, so he has answered this question in his home many times. Brian reminds us that our bodies have all been broken by the effects of sin and that one day, God will restore them to the perfect bodies that they were meant to be. Until then, we are reminded of our need for a Savior by our differences, and can view them as gifts that continually point us to Jesus.

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Brian is the Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, holds a MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a DMin from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and is pursuing an additional doctoral degree currently. He's served in full-time church ministry and also led a team that published one of the leading kids' ministry curriculums, The Gospel Project. 

Let's get to know, Brian.
What's the best part of being a dad?
Brian talked about how different his three kids are and how cool it is to watch each of them develop and grow - especially in the fact that they have been raised in the same environment but are so so different.

Our big question for the day is this: 
Why Did God Make Me Different?

Brian's daughter Hannah's right leg did not develop, so she has a prosthetic right leg, and also some sensory issues. Brian has needed to answer this question in his family, but also to those who ask questions about Hannah's differences to their family. Doesn't every kid struggle with feeling like they are different from time to time? 

Maybe they aren't the cool kid or aren't the smart kid or aren't the athletic kid. Every kid is asking why God didn't make them a specific way, or they might have a big nose or skinny legs or some other characteristic that makes them feel self-conscious.

We cannot tell kids that they are perfect and just like God wanted to make them in a theological way. For Hannah, we know her body is not the ideal and is not the body she will have eternally. We can confirm that every kid is designed exactly how God wanted him or her to be at this time, and that every difference is for His glory.

Our goal is always His glory. Although sin broke our bodies, (as seen in Brian's hairline and other characteristics) we know one day Jesus will return and we will receive resurrected bodies that are as they were intended before sin entered. No child is a mistake and God is in control of every difference. It is challenging, but it can also be joy-giving to celebrate differences and point to the Lord through them.

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