Why Are There So Many Bible Translations?

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Brandon D. Smith joins us to talk about the work of translation, why there are so many different English translations, and how to decide what Bible you should read based on the translation's philosophy.

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Brandon Smith works with the Christian Standard Bible, serves as Editorial Director for the Center for Baptist Renewal, and co-hosts the Word Matters podcast with Trevin Wax. He is also one of the pastors at City Church in Murfreesboro, TN and has written a few books, including They Spoke of Me: How Jesus Unlocks the Old Testament.


Our tough question is:
Why Are There So Many Bible Translations?

The work of translation cannot be emphasized enough. We want God's Word to be carried to every tribe and tongue so that they may read His Word for themselves in the language that they speak and even think in so that the Word of the Lord may dwell richly within them and also so that they might understand the gospel.

We are so blessed to have so many translations of the Bible in English, and as we discover more manuscripts and have more archaeological evidence, we get closer, not farther away from what we know the original Greek/Hebrew text said.

So which translations should we use with kids? Why do translations choose different words but are using the same original text? Listen in to hear.

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