What is the Lord's Supper? with Brittany Salmon

For episode 036...

Brittany Salmon joins me to talk about the Lord's Supper and teaching her girls that it does not = snack time!
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Brittany is a wife, mom, writer, and book aficionada. She has an MA in intercultural studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, an MA in teaching from North Carolina State University, and is currently pursuing a doctorate from Southeastern Seminary. Brittany & Ben, their three kids, and a dog named Mr. Tom Hanks recently moved from Raleigh, NC to the great state of Texas and are enjoying learning the ropes of becoming Texans. You can connect with Brittany on Twitter or Instagram.

The Lord's Supper is one of those moments in church life that can be difficult to understand for kids. Talking about blood is normally not something we do much unless one of our children is literally bleeding, so to think of Jesus' blood and it's symbolism in the cup that we take is a little weird. Not to mention, SNACK TIME! Bread and juice? Of course every kid wants in on that. Listen in to hear how Brittany and her family have talked about this ordinance with their kids.

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