A Framework for Teaching Your Kids the Bible

For episode 021...

We celebrate 20 episodes of the podcast by taking a few minutes off from our normal format. In this episode, you are the guest, and we sit down to talk about a way that we can frame the Bible message so that our kids can understand it. 

You can listen to the Special Episode: A Framework for Understanding Scripture for Your Kids on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, or listen below.

Mary C Wiley hosts the Questions Kids Ask podcast, and loves to help parents know and love God's Word so that they can then pass that knowledge and love on to their children.

Today, we're not talking about a specific question kids are asking, but rather how we can help kids build a framework for the whole story of Scripture.

We'll talk about explaining creation, the fall, redemption, and restoration as a good foundation to build upon as they learn the stories in Scripture and realize that it all points to Jesus' sacrifice for our sin and ultimately, the end of the story, or His return to make things good like they were before sin entered the world. 

I hope that this will help you understand Scripture better, and will also help your kids! Join us here to jump into the conversation.

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