Why is Good Friday Good?

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Marty Duren joins me to talk about the goodness of God on display on Good Friday, as Jesus paid the debt that we owed for our sin on the cross.
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Marty Duren is the executive editor and marketing manager for LifeWay Pastors, a website that provides content for pastors and other church leaders. A pastor with nearly 30 years experience in various roles, he currently serves bi-vocationally as the groups pastor with Green Hill Church in Mt Juliet, TN. He's been married to Sonya for 34 years. They have three grown children. He enjoys reading, writing, and hiking. 

To get to know Marty a little better, he told us about his three adult kids and a story or two from when they were smaller and did some pretty funny things.

Here's our big question for today: Why Is Good Friday Good?

Good Friday was a traumatic day - full of difficulty, pain, and shame for Jesus. Good Friday was the day that He carried His cross up to Golgatha and was crucified. Jesus was completely innocent of sin, but took on God's wrath on the cross so that we might be able to have a right relationship with God. Through His death, He paid for our sin with His blood, and through His resurrection, He guaranteed that the debt had been paid and sin and death had been ultimately defeated - and that one day all who trust Him will be raised just like He was raised. 

Good Friday may not seem good - like a day at the amusement park, zoo, or pool might be to our kids, but it is good because of what it purchased for us. Ultimately, through Jesus' death on the cross, the separation between God and man that sin caused was removed. The temple veil was torn, and all who trust Jesus were then allowed to have a right relationship with God without the need to go through a high priest for forgiveness of sin and prayer. Instead, Jesus acts as our great High Priest.

Good Friday is good because we see God's great love for His people and Jesus' great sacrifice on our behalf. Our sin was the cause of Good Friday, but Jesus' victory is what we celebrate a few days later!

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